How You Make Money As A Divvee Affiliate

As a Divvee affiliate (one time $25 registration for lifetime until 12/31/16, or $50 annually for new affiliates after 12/31/16)... You can participate in three separate Divvee compensation platforms.

The first is by earning rewards points that can be redeemed for gifts, services, trips, etc. when you rate new apps. The second is by sharing Divvee Social's Share & Rank system with customers (No products to sell or buy), and earning income when they rate new apps. The third is by introducing Divvee Social to new affiliates who want to earn more income just like you, and unlocking Divvee Social's 3x10 affiliate pay plan structure with dynamic compression.

The video below is the most current explanation of the latter. You'll also find a link below with a PDF document for Divvee's Affiliate Pay Plan.


Divvee Affiliate Pay Plan PDF