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We are living in the information age where exposure through advertising, is king! The App Market, currently at $3.8 Billion Dollars a month (and growing), is a key component in this dynamic and vibrant new world.

...And Divvee Social, through its vision, innovation, and renowned Brand & Technology Partners, is enabling you and me to participate and benefit handsomely in this rapidly growing space, without needing any prior marketing know-how or technical savvy.

As Divvee "Affiliate Influencers," on January 10, 2017, we will be able to begin earning in Three Ways:

1.) You can earn redeemable Rewards Points by reviewing and rating the newest apps (Divvee provides the access to them). Then once a week, share the one you liked best. It's that's simple, and this is called an "Influencer."

2.) Next, if all you'd like to do as a Divvee "Affiliate Influencer" is to give away our FREE Divvee TAP App - Coming 01/10/17 - to as many people (Influencers) as you can... You could earn a weekly income doing so.

**Divvee TAP is the exclusive app that FREE Influencers will use to access the new apps they review and rate, to earn gift cards for popular retailers & restaurants, as well as prizes and trips.

3.) Finally, if you want to leverage your success even more by helping Divvee Social expand its network of Affiliate Influencers, you can additional income. (Your option)

I encourage you to review the links and videos above to get a good grasp of the Divvee opportunity, and how easily it will change the lives of those who see it and take action.

...And if you only review one video while you're here today, be sure it's the first video on this page that explains with examples, and in more detail, how you get rewards and/or earnings with Divvee Social's Rank and Rank program. It will open your eyes.

I hope you will be one of those people who "see" this opportunity. If you do grasp it, you will look back and be thankful for the day you learned about Divvee Social.

Even those under 18 will be able to participate in the Divvee Social Rank & Share Program, and earn Reward Points that can be redeemed for gift cards of popular retailers (online and offline), restaurants, a new Smart Phone; to pay their monthly Smart Phone bill, a Streaming TV System, trips, etc.. And once again, you make money because you shared the Divvee TAP app with them as a Divvee Affiliate Influencer! (Those under 18 cannot earn income as a Divvee Affiliate)

INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS ARE ALSO WELCOME: International members are joining Divvee everyday, but it requires a special, yet easy process. You can email me below to request International sign-up instructions. You could be one of the first in your country!

Our personal Divvee Team is here to help you. All our Team Members get a FREE personalized website just like this, to help you spread the good news about how Divvee and our Team, are helping the masses better their lives, financially.

We also provide you with lead assistance and support, if needed. Get back with me if you have any questions, or for more info on how you can get started today. My phone number and email are below.

The APP Market and Smart Devices aren't going anywhere, anytime soon... The shift in billions of advertising dollars from other media platforms to the APP market space, says so.

Can you download and rate a new app? Can you give away our new Divvee Tap app (coming Jan. 10, 2017) to as many people as you can - Those you know, as well as those you don't know yet? Then, don't miss this.

Important: Divvee Social's corporate website is currently being upgraded with new features and data. If the website isn't available when you enroll, please let me know. I'll add you to my personal notification list.

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